Unbiased Dotster reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Dotster review site is hosted.

This is our own website hosted with their shared-hosting plan. We have our own group of editors to check on various web-hosting services and rating them accordingly. We are checking the overall service quality, test it and rate it fairly. This is a real web host review site with true facts and this is what webmaster need and should have. Unlike any other web hosting review sites online which only review their feature specification and not having any experience at all. We want to change this and provide real reviews instead. In here, we have all the detailed reviews and all the best coupons can be obtained in here too.

Is Dotster web hosting any good?

This web host is now offering cheap domain names registration service and  quality hosting-plan at affordable price. They have added high performance VPS and web design services tool. This is truly the one-stop center for your website’s needs. We can start from nothing and start registering a new domain name and later host it here. If we need web-design service, it is provided as an upgrade option too. We love their one-stop solution and we think it really works.

This is a 150% green web-host and they use green server that is highly energy efficient, and they plant trees for their customers too. They have triple efforts to make sure their web-hosting services is greener than the rest.


Dotster reviews on shared web hosting service.

From time to time, they will add new products and services. And in here we are seeing this new instant-website feature and it enable user to create and publish webpage instantly and within few minutes. From signup to online, is just a few steps away. For most webmasters, their shared-hosting services are sufficient. Right now, they are having three shared service plans as following:

  1. Basic plan from $3.75
  2. Deluxe plan from $6.75
  3. Ultra plan from $13.75


Dotster reviews on vDeck control panel. Their all new control panel is upgrading to vDeck software. Yes, it is now using vDeck and this is the only option available. User cannot choose to switch back to the previous Parallels platform. This vDeck is a more popular option and there are obviously more web hosts are switching over to this server software as it is more user-friendly, reliable and offering more features as well. We have experienced this here, and we love the new changes. This is just another supreme feature upgrade and we totally love it.


Dotster reviews on parallels control panel. Previously, they are using parallels control panel for their web-hosting package instead. There are advantages and disadvantages of using this parallels control panel for web-hosting account. We have been using this older type of software for over one year and it is obviously lack of features. Even the most basic website management features are not included in here and it had caused some unwanted inconvenient. Basically what we can do and how we want to configure our site is totally limited by this platform and its limited tools. We are glad they are now switching and upgrading to the latest vDeck control panel.

control panel

Dotster reviews on Simplescripts installer tool. The more popular Simplescripts apps installer is now available. We have experience using this Simplescripts in other web-hosting plan that we own, for example IPage, Powweb and Fatcow. These are the top web hosts that provide this 1-click installer for free and we are looking at the same apps right here with Doster.com too.


Dotster reviews and overall rating. We have been hosting with them and using their budget shared service for so many years, and with these real experience in hand, we are able to rate this web-host company accurately. We know their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and therefore we know what is their good and bad. In here, we are reviewing all the top web-hosts and this Dotster.com is rated with the same system. We have 15 rating criteria and checked on their every corners, simply to make sure we checked on everything. Either this web-host company is good or suitable for your next website-hosting needs is related to our following rating scores. We have given them a good rating of 9.0 out of 10.

user rating

Dotster coupon 25% discount (use this signup link)

Dotster promotion for March 2015.

This month, we received the following promos and they are giving up to 25%-discount for all products. This mean you are entitled for 25%-off when you choose to spend $80 dollars onward and used the “bmsm25″ voucher code to entitle. Following is the binding terms and conditions.

“Limited time offer. These coupon-codes and offers expire March 20, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Bmsm15 is good for 15% off all new products and services with no minimum purchase. Bmsm20 is good for 20% off all new products and services, but you must spend $40 or more to qualify for this. Bmsms25 is good for 25% off all new products and services, but you must spend $80 or more to qualify. All renewals on products and services after the initial discounted period will be charged at the then current standard list price for the selected period.”

Dotster coupon for Black Friday promotion.

This Black Friday, choose to register for selected domain-extension and get 35%-off. This is limited time deal and valid for this weekend only. Choose your favorite domains and register it before the holiday deals end. This coupon-code is valid for selected domain-extension and not applicable for any web-hosting products.

Black Friday sales

Dotster coupons for 15%, 20% and 25% saving.

This is the warmest season and this Summer we are seeing the best web-hosting sales right here and their services are now ranging from 15% to 25% in discount. According to this sales offer, their coupon-price is as following:

  • Use “25summer” for 25%-off.
  • Use “20summer” for 20%-off.
  • Use “15summer” for 15%-off.

One thing for sure, they are seriously promoting their website-hosting services this year. Signup using the coupon-code on your order of above $80 dollars and this will entitle you for 25% rebate.

Summer sales

Dotster coupons on Memorial Day sales.

Signup during Memorial day promotion and get huge saving. Use the following promo codes to entitle:

  1. Use coupon-code “bogodomain”.
    Buy 1 domain and receive 1 free for 1 year.
  2. Use coupon-code “freedomain”.
    Buy any 1 year and above hosting plan and receive 1 new domain-name.
  3. Use coupon-code “whoissale”.
    Get $4.99 for 1 year private registration.

Dotster coupons on Mothers Day sale.

When you spend over $50 dollars on one order, you are entitle for huge discount! Use the following coupon-codes and it will gives instant saving as following:

  1. “mothers15″ (spend $50 and save 15% on order).
  2. “mothers20″ (spend $75 and save 20% on order).
  3. “mothers25″ (spend $150 and save 25% on order).
  4. “gomobi” ($9.99 .mobi domains for 1 year).

They are frequently offering various sales promotion. From time to time, we have big sales and domain-registration at bargain price too. This is a big name in domain-registrar business and no mistake these promos are attracting large number of customer signup and making new purchase.

Creating Multilingual Website for Your Business

Though there is no doubt that the internet is becoming indispensable there are some issues with regard to its usage. Most of the websites that we have known are available in the English language. While there is nothing wrong because English is the most widely used language, there are millions of people in various countries who do not know English and they are comfortable using their own mother tongues. They are comfortable in seeking information in their regional languages. Hence it is very important to find out ways and means by which one can know more about multilingual websites. This is no longer a choice that can be exercised but is becoming more of a necessity. Here are a few obvious reasons why it makes sense to go in for websites in different languages.

1) Obvious Reasons For Websites In Different Languages

The simplest and most obvious reason for going in for website with two or more languages is because of ease of understanding. Today’s customers do not like to waste time. In case they are not able to find information which they want in a website because of language constraints they would certainly look for other sites which can help them in this regard.

Apart from the above when it comes to devising search engine optimization projects it has been found that those projects that offer more than one language options are the ones that are likely to be ranked higher in the search engine rankings. When it comes to driving more traffic there is no doubt that search engine rankings play a big role and websites with multiple languages are more likely to be more successful.

2) Regional Optimization Becomes More Effective

Another big reason for going in for multilingual websites is to optimize better the opportunities that are available in other regions and countries. Today the world is a global village and one cannot look at it only from English language speaking silos. Those who do it will be losing out on the bigger picture and they will be wiped out from the market sooner than later. Hence even if the smallest business needs to go from one level of strength to another there is no doubt that going in for websites of different languages are become extremely important.

3) Choosing The Right Service Provider

However it is very important to bear in mind that making a website with more than one language is not easy and only those who have the required experience and expertise will be able to do it. The structure and design of the website has to be very carefully considered. Moving from one language page to the other should be seamless and effortless and this calls for having a very clear logic. The website should also be dynamic and allow for becoming scalable over a period of time. It should be handed over only to those who understand English and the local language perfectly.

Hence while there is no doubt that having websites in many languages is a must it should be done carefully and professionally.

Godaddy vs Namecheap, which domain registrar is the best?

Getting your business online involves much more than building a business website. A great domain name is important for your website. The domain names are the first thing your visitors will see and it can determine the success or otherwise of your business. To make sure you get this right, you can buy one from the best domain registrars. Here is a review of two of the best registrars, Godaddy and Namecheap.

1) Quality

Namecheap has quality features that can help you register a domain-name within a minute of finding your choice domain. Navigation on the page is easy with helpful suggestion engines to help you find and register your domain name hassle free. Like when you are trying to find a domain-name, there is a suggestion box that appears that gives some ideas on what you can use to find the suitable domain name. Once you find a domain-name, checkout and registration process is simple and straight forward. They give you many options to add like name servers and allow you to choose whether you want automatic renewal or not. Namechaep features in finding and choosing a domain name are arguably the best in the market.

One the other hand GoDaddy features leaves a lot to be desire. To start with their domain-manger opens in a separate window which may make a user feel like the domains are off-site. The checkout processes are not user friendly and confusing. The suggestion box offers too many extra upsell suggestions once you click on one product. For a person interested in only a domain name, the many add-ons can be undesirable and discourage one from going on. Unlike Namecheap, they do not give you a choice on whether you want automatic renewal but automatically set registration term to one year. However to give credit where its due, their phone support is good and email and chat support are OK.

2) Pricing

Comparing both registrar introduction prices, it’s cheaper to register .com and .mobi domains with Namecheap and relatively cheaper to register .org, .net, .info and .biz with GoDaddy. However, it will cost you more to renew .com domains for one year with GoDaddy ($14.99/year) as compared to Namecheap $10.69 in one year.

You can save with Namecheap as they give you free Whois Guard for one year which GoDaddy charges $9.99. Whois Guard is an important privacy protection which hides your personal information. If you don’t want this protection, GoDaddy’s prices are generally better.

You can look for coupons for both sites and save more money. The amount of money you will pay for both GoDaddy and Namecheap will depend on what domain name you want, if you want extra protection and the duration of time you intend to run your website. If you are planning to run your website for more than two years consider Namecheap otherwise GoDaddy overall pricing are better if all you want is to claim a domain name.

3) Which one is the best?

Namecheap is good for people who want good services and are building a website for business and thus need a long-term website. For cheap and upfront domain name you can consider Godday. However both register are better than any other service provider out there.

Zero Cost SEO Strategies For Small Business

While most people have the perception that SEO for small business is an expensive venture, the truth is that there are strategies which incur zero cost. The best part is that zero cost SEO strategies tend to be as effective as the paid ones.

However, in as much as the free SO strategies are effective, you will definitely require investing your efforts in order to ensure that everything works in your favor. You must choose the right zero cost SEO strategy for small business for best results to show. Remember that your online visibility and presence is something very imperative and must never be overlooked if your aim is to make your small online business successful.

Below are 4 simple yet effective zero cost SEO strategies that you should try:

1) Social Media SEO

The advent of social media came as a big thing in the online world. Aside from the fun aspect of it, social media has a lot to offer when it comes to SEO. However, most people tend to snub social media for the fact that it may not be effective for SEO. For your information, social media has great power in elevating the online presence of a small business.

The largest online traffic exists in social media currently. There are a number of platforms that you can utilize in this case. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the likes are all available for free SEO. All you need is to make relevant posts and include links to your site. However, this has to be done regularly in order to garner high traffic in the end.

2) Guest-Posting

Today, there are so many authoritative sites that give room for guest-posting. Such sites are known to have a heavy online command and that is why a great effect in favor of your business will emanate once you utilize them properly. The idea behind guest posting is to ensure that you create best articles and send them to particular sites for publishing.

However, it must be noted that guest-posting sites are usually thematic. This means that the content in them revolve around a certain niche. In this regard, you need to ensure that you search for a guest-posting site that matches with the theme of your small business. That is the only way you can garner relevant traffic and also elevate the visibility of your small business.

3) Free Google SEO Tools

Google happens to be one of the search engine companies that offer free and effective tools for SEO. Google Analytics, for instance, allows for easy research on major aspects that can greatly optimize your small business. It is possible to conduct easy keyword/phrase research so as to know the most appropriate for your business. It is also possible to understand the online searching trend that will work greatly for you. In other words, Google has a handful of tools considered vital for SEO for small businesses.

4) Accurate and Precise Business Citations

It is very important to note that clients will need to know the actual location of your business for physical contact. It is also important to note that Google has a lot of tools that can help people search for your business with regard to location. One of the main tools in this case is Google Maps. It is for this reason that provision of accurate business citation is considered to be a necessary SEO tool for small businesses.

Dotster VPS review and is it worth a shot?

They have always been considered a popular domain registrar, and a major alternative to GoDaddy. The company is owned by the Endurance International Group, and enjoys a strong reputation in the industry. The company’s VPS-hosting plans are extremely popular due to their reliability, excellent customer support and great uptime. Currently, their VPS hosting offers three different plans to meet varied needs and requirements. The best part is that the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Dotster VPS hosting overview.

They offer 3 excellent plans for all kinds of customers. Whether you are an individual or own a business organization, you will find a suitable plan as per your needs, requirements and budget. They offer cPanel-VPS, Windows Plesk and Linux Plesk as Virtual private Server options. The Linux-VPS plans include up to 768 MB RAM, 2 TB bandwidth and 60 GB disk space. The intro plan from the company features 20 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth and 356 MB RAM.

Some customers are confused with the VPS Host reviews. There’s a shift between cPanel Pro, cPanel Premium and cPanel Standard plans. The cPanel Pro plan is available at an additional price, but does not offer better RAM. The plan should have 512 MB RAM rather than 356 MB RAM. The same is true for the Plesk Linux VPS option.

Price and money questions.

For the cPanel VPS and Plesk Linux VPS, both packages are priced the same. However, customers believe that the cPanel VPS is a much better deal. The primary reason is that the plan allows you to host unlimited domains.

It is worth mentioning that all the plans are much better than other VPS-hosting services available in the market. Due to this, the company is getting increasingly popular in the market. It has been expanding its customer base. If you look at the reviews on the Internet, you’ll find numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers. However, you should still spend some time on comparing different plans to choose according to your specific needs, requirements and budget.

Simplified purchase process.

According to most people who’ve tried this product, the purchase process is very convenient. Since you can choose from 3 different plans, you also enjoy numerous benefits. When purchasing a plan, you need to enter an existing or new domain name. In the next step, the buyer can choose added-cost options. It’s worth mentioning that none of the options are pre-selected or mandatory.

In the last step, the web-hosting term is selected. You also need to enter the payment and contact information. This step also provides you with the opportunity to review all the terms of service, privacy statement and cancellation policy. You can use the PayPal payment option.

Dotster VPS setup.

When you place the purchase order, you receive confirmation emails within a couple of minutes. These include the Order Confirmation, Login Info and PayPal receipt. In a few minutes, you also receive the Getting Started email. It contains lots of information related to your new account, including your control panel login, nameserver settings, FTP login, support contact information, email settings and more. On the basis of this information, you are able to upload the website within a few minutes of completing the purchase.

According to most customers who have been using this, the company offers 100% uptime. Due to this, you don’t experience any problems. Server speed also proves to be above average, and page load speed for a basic website averages better than other hosting-companies, including Hostgator VPS plans. Most customers report that the website hosted with them are running smoothly, and does not cause any problems or inconveniences. Still, if you experience any problems, the customer support is excellent and resolves the issue quickly.

Why choose Dotster VPS hosting?

  • Better Business Bureau rating – A+
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • PayPal payment options
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent customer support
  • 100% uptime
  • Easy to use
  • 30 day money back guarantee

According to most customers, this is the perfect choice for budget conscious customers. The company provides you with easy to setup, easy to use and reliable web-hosting solutions at an affordable price. The excellent uptime, customer support and technical support are additional bonuses. With the services offered by the company, you will never be disappointed. When you are looking for VPS hosting solutions, this is definitely worth a shot.

Dotster domain expiry and renewal process

Currently we are having two domain-names hosted here, one of it is registered through them. For this reason, we are require to renew the domain via this registrar and uses their user setting interface. When registering via the web hosting company, the biggest worry is the future renewal process and price. Some web hosts are charging far more than they should be, and ripped off their customer account. What we seeing here is far more better than expected.

Today we received this email stating our domain is expiring soon. Here is the email:

Your domain is scheduled to expire in 60 days 2015-01-13

One of your domain-names is scheduled to expire in 60 days. If it is enrolled in our automated domain-renewal service (ADRS), we will automatically initiate a one-year renewal 15 days prior to the expiry
date; we’ll send you more information about that process as it gets closer.

If it is not enrolled in out automated domain-renewal service, you will need to renew it manually within the next 60-days or your will lose it.

The name due for renewal is:

To see whether or not your domain will auto-renew, log into
Domaincentral, the Dotster domain-management interface.

You should see a list of your domains, and a column on the far right
labeled “Renew.” Each of your domains should be listed as “Auto” or
“Manual.” If your domain has a “Manual” renewal, we recommend that you
renew it as soon as possible:

1) Click the “Manual” link for the domain-name you wish to renew.

2) Select the number of years for which you want to renew.

3) Verify your credit card information and process payment for the

If you have any questions, please let us know! We appreciate your
business and want to ensure that your services renew successfully. For
fastest service, submit a ticket via our online support console.


Next thing to do is follow the instruction given, go to vDeck control panel and DomainCentral. At here, click on renew link, and choose number of years for renewal. Once confirmed the process, proceed with the payment and choose either credit card or PayPal payment. Complete the payment it will be renewed accordingly. We took about 5 minutes to complete these. The confirmation email was received after.

To double confirm this domain has been renewed correctly, user can choose to use WHOIS search and check on the details. For example, we can use http://whois.domaintools.com/cheapwebhosting.space

Creation date: 2008-01-13T00:30:17Z
Updated date: 2014-11-15T03:35:06Z
Registry expiry date: 2017-01-13T00:30:17Z
Sponsoring registrar: Domain.com, LLC (R1915-LROR)

Dotster reviews on actual website speed test

Dotster speed test for basic hosting. What is website speed test and loading time?We are going to check their server and find out either its speed is fast or slow. With our hosting account, we are checking this server performance and test its response time. From latest website speed test, we know the server is responsive and get connected in 0.32 second. But the server loading time is rather slow at 2 seconds to load the website.

speed test

Dotster reviews on actual website uptime

Dotster uptime rating for basic-hosting. Our website’s uptime percentage is field tested here. We are monitoring our own account and detect the client website’s uptime downtime. Here is our service uptime for the pass few years, and it was rated at 99.687%. Anyone who love this web-hosting company will find very cheap domain price here and now a really good website-hosting services too. With this high percentage of availability rate, we are sure their customer websites will be available online at most of the time. Any unwanted problems or failure will be minimized and won’t affect the normal site operation.