Unbiased Dotster reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Dotster review site is hosted. This is our own website hosted with their shared hosting plan. We have our own group of editors to check on various web hosting services and rating them accordingly. We are checking the overall service quality, test it and rate it fairly. This is a real web host review site with true facts and this is what webmaster need and should have. Unlike any other web hosting review sites online which only review their feature specification and not having any experience at all. We want to change this and provide real reviews instead. In here, we have all the detailed reviews and all the best coupons can be obtained in here too.

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Is Dotster web hosting any good? Those who are looking at quality domain name provider would certainly have many reasons to have a closer look. Apart from domain name selection and registration it also offers various other services including web hosting and web designing and the best of email marketing and also various other online marketing solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and it has grown quite steadily over the past many years. It is an ICANN registered company. As per 2010 figures the company has around 1.10 million domain names and has a global market share of approximately 1%.

They are now offering cheap domain names registration service and  quality hosting plan at affordable price. They have added high performance VPS and web design services tool. This is truly the one-stop center for your website’s needs. We can start from nothing and start registering a new domain name and later host it here. If we need web design service, it is provided as an upgrade option too. We love their one-stop solution and we think it really works.

This is a 150% green web host and they use green server that is highly energy efficient, and they plant trees for their customers too. They have triple efforts to make sure their web hosting services is greener than the rest.

Dotster review on all products. The company offers a host of services and if the right review has to be done, the services provided should be listed down. Here are the major services that this company provides:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • VPS Hosting
  • Website Design Services
  • Data Center Management
  • Customer Support Services
  • Uptime Guarantee and Reliability
  • Security Services Provided
  • Guarantee and Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Let us try and look at each of them in some detail.

Dotster review on shared web hosting service. Those who have used the shared hosting services have reasons to be happy. The setup comes totally free and there are no risks of long term commitment. There are many packages and options to choose from keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. It also has some of the best easy-to-host plans, which enables the user to get started with the job without too much wastage of time. The hosting is done in an eco-friendly manner and they also can offer unlimited bandwidth plans with also unlimited disk space.

From time to time, they will add new products and services. And in here we are seeing this new instant website feature and it enable user to create and publish webpage instantly and within few minutes. From signup to online, is just a few steps away. For most webmasters, their shared hosting services are sufficient. Right now, they are having three shared service plans as following:

  • Basic plan from $3.75
  • Deluxe plan from $6.75
  • Ultra plan from $13.75


Dotster review on domain registration. There is no doubt that choosing and domain name and having it registered is the first few steps to making the website operational from all points of view. They have some of the most economical domain name registrations which could be as low as $10 per year. The services can be used not only for registering domains but also for transferring domains. They also have a very useful and intelligent domain name discovery tools. This will help customers to choose the exact domain name that they have in mind. They also offer the domain names and registration in different price packages.

Dotster review on VPS hosting. There are many reviews to prove that they have some of the best and top class VPS hosting facilities available with them. They have some of the best tailor made as well as readymade VPS hosting plans. They take into account the exact needs of the Web application developer, the business houses and of course the various web hosting resellers. They offer a dedicated server and also provide the opportunity to use shared accounts and this again is left to the specific needs and requirements of the customers.

Dotster review on website design service. Over the years, there hardly is any doubt that they have been able to make its presence in the field of web designing. What makes them unique and different from others is the fact that they can offer customized as well as readymade web designs based on the requirements of the customers. There web designs start at attractive rates of around $50 per month. They have a team of dedicated web designers and they take it upon them to make the web live on the internet. They also provide quality contents that are very professionally written. The web designs are very SEO friendly and they also offer monthly maintenance options.

Dotster review on vDeck control panel. Their all new control panel is upgrading to vDeck software. Yes, it is now using vDeck and this is the only option available. User cannot choose to switch back to the previous Parallels platform. This vDeck is a more popular option and there are obviously more web hosts are switching over to this server software as it is more user-friendly, reliable and offering more features as well. We have experienced this here, and we love the new changes. This is just another supreme feature upgrade and we totally love it.


Previously, they are using parallels control panel for their web hosting package instead. There are advantages and disadvantages of using this parallels control panel for web hosting account. We have been using this older type of software for over one year and it is obviously lack of features. Even the most basic website management features are not included in here and it had caused some unwanted inconvenient. Basically what we can do and how we want to configure our site is totally limited by this platform and its limited tools. We are glad they are now switching and upgrading to the latest vDeck control panel.

control panel

The more popular Simplescripts apps installer is now available. We have experience using this Simplescripts in other web hosting plan that we own, for example IPage, Powweb and Fatcow. These are the top web hosts that provide this 1-click installer for free and we are looking at the same apps right here with Doster.com too.


Dotster review on data center management. The company, over the years has been able to come out with some of the most trusted and reliable data center. They certainly go a long way in provide the right platform and stable environment as far as the business of customers are concerned. It would be wrong to trust some unknown sources when it comes to managing data which is so very crucial. They have an independent dual power grid to ensure that there are no power outages. They cabinets and cages that are built to withstand seismic shocks. They also have the best of data backup facility and quality data storage systems.

The company takes lot of care to ensure that the client’s websites are always fully secured. They ensure that proper data validation is done on the servers. They also place a lot of importance on managing websites with encrypted connections, apart from going in for encryption that is quite versatile and usable across platforms. They are one of the few who firmly believe in keyword based password authentication rather than going in for conventional password authentication.

Dotster review on customer support services. This is a company that believes in offering nothing but the best of customer services round the clock, 24/7. Towards this objective they have a 24/7 support team who can be contacted easily. They also have literally a wealth of knowledgebase articles which could be very helpful for solving problems and for trouble shooting. They also have fully explained and transparent terms of service that takes care of all legal questions and doubts that clients might have.

This is a company that believes in offering the best of uptime guarantees to its client. The track record so far has been excellent and the average uptime has never fallen below 99.97% though their endeavor is to ensure that it never goes below 100%. To enable this to happen they have the best of problem solving and trouble-shooting tools in hand, ably supported by the best of technical team.

The service provider believes in being extremely transparent in dealing with their customers. Towards this objective they have a complete, totally transparent and customer friendly refund and guarantee policies. Their Terms of Service are available online 24/7 and they persuade that customers must spend some time going through it before they actually take matters forward.

Dotster review and overall user rating. Hence taking the above factors into account, there is no denying the fact this is a complete and total service provider as far as domain name identification, registration, hosting, and other such related services are concerned. If you are looking for a reliable service provider then this is the one you are looking for.

We have been hosting with them and using their budget shared service for so many years, and with these real experience in hand, we are able to rate this web host company accurately. We know their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and therefore we know what is their good and bad. In here, we are reviewing all the top web hosts and this host is rated with the same system. We have 15 rating criteria and checked on their every corners, simply to make sure we checked on everything. Either this web host company is good or suitable for your next website hosting needs is related to our following rating scores. We have given them a good rating of 9.0 out of 10.

user rating

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Benefits of having your personal website

With the ever increasing advancement of technology such as WordPress, building your personals website is quite easy nowadays. A personal website is possibly one of the leading aspects of your online presence. Despite other areas like blogs and social networks being important, your website acts like a home base; a hub where everything branches from. Below are the benefits of having your own website:

  1. New career direction

Countless numbers of people have managed to find their new career by making profitable websites. Earning online is quite fulfilling since you can also help other people by providing assistance and valuable information to them while in return, you will earn your living via advertisements or affiliate.

You can choose to begin your own website as a side operation that involves minimal risks since the cost is quite low (just the domain and hosting fee for the starters) while still having your full-time income. However, once you succeed and the online income becomes enough for sustaining your daily living, you can virtually quit your previous job.

  1. Your digital resume

Many people are predicting that the printed resume shall soon be regarded as being old fashioned because of the digital resume. It’s true that there’re a lot of online profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ which you can create in order to assert your presence online. However, every profile above has its limitations regarding the amount of data, format and design. Every profile might look a little bit similar which makes it difficult for one to stand out from the rest.

Have you ever noticed that almost all of them allow you to add your very own URL to these online profiles? Building your personal website circumvents the above limitation and you can literally have it your own way!

  1. Let jobs find you

In this era where the Web rules, recruitment agencies and head-hunters are nowadays searching through Google or LinkedIn for suitable candidates. Having your personal website is just like posting your profile everywhere. It’s not surprising for you to have a number of agency recruiters approaching you for job opportunities each and each week. Many of these opportunities cannot be found in the traditional media like recruitment magazines and newspaper. If you wish to work in any web start-up, then establish yourself online!

  1. Show your web knowledge

Soon a time will come when lack of web knowledge will equal illiteracy. The world has seen continued growth of lots of digital natives. However, there’s a line between the use of the web and understanding the web. One has to get his/her hands dirty so as to know the intricacy of Web design and development. A lot of small and medium enterprises currently still lack the knowledge of building great usable websites and the skills of ranking well on the search engines. By owning professional personal website, you’ll stand out from a crowd of other competing job applicants.

  1. Your online presence

Provided that you allow the search engines to index your contents, any content that you put on the internet will also be seen by other internet users. This allows you together with your website to reach out to people that you would never have met.

  1. Show your passion with your blog topics

Knowledge and passion are two pillars for one to succeed in any career. These are also the the traits that are most sought after by the employers. Your own website will provide the best platform for one to show his soon to be employers the topics which interest him. The website enables you to create your true brand via the topics that you choose the styles of writing, the usability and design of the website. Even though the free hosted blogging platforms such as WordPress.com and Blogger.com also provide you with a similar channel for free, they will limit your control and personalization options. Your blog and website should be able to show the best of you!

  1. Searchability

Nowadays, recruitment agencies and prospective employers usually take advantage of the internet in doing the initial search for information regarding the job applicants. They desire to know more information about the applicants, their passion, skills and life. Having a great personal website will increase the chances of being selected for in-depth interviews.

In the center of all competitiveness nowadays, regardless of the career path that you choose, it is crucial to set yourself apart from the crowd. Take action now and build a personal website. The website does not have to be confusing or overly complicated. The important thing is beginning to establish a very credible online presence and then go from there.

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Dotster vs Hostgator and iPage web hosting

In order to promote and market your products, services and business, you need a well-designed, high-performing website. You also need a server to host the website, and make it live on the Internet. Due to this, you need to choose an affordable and high quality web hosting service provider. With a comparison between three most popular services, it becomes easier to choose a hosting service provider.

These three companies have been the most popular and affordable service providers in the market. While choosing a company, you may be confused. Thus, a better understanding of their services helps you make an informed choice. Here’s a brief comparison of these service providers to help you make a good choice.

Dotster – The company has been considered one of the most popular domain registrars. In recent years, it has become an excellent alternative to GoDaddy. It is owned and operated by the EIG or Endurance International Group. Thus, it has built a strong reputation in the industry. Web hosting plans offered by the company are popular due to their great uptime, exceptional customer support and reliability.

Currently, the company offers a wide range of hosting plans for people with varied needs, requirements and budget. These plans come with a 30 day solid money back guarantee. Due to this, Dotster is getting quite popular among customers. It also also been expanding the customer base, and aims to offer even more kinds of web hosting plans in future. Most plans come with the following features:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • PayPal payment options
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • 100% uptime
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Hostgator – Established in 2002, HostGator is one of the most popular and leading web hosting providers in the world. It was founded and started by Brent Oxley, who is currently the President and CEO of the company. Apart from offering web hosting services, the company provides shared web hosting, reseller hosting, vps web hosting services and dedicated web hosting. HostGator currently operates from Houston, Texas.

It is also a reliable name for basic shared web hosting. With efficient web hosting services from HostGator, you’ll be able to operate your business in a quick, effective and smooth manner. The company offers exceptional web hosting services for all kinds of websites.

If you are looking to hire a hosting company that is capable of providing timely support and exceptional services at extremely affordable rates, HostGator will be the perfect option to consider. Choosing a web hosting service is indeed a tedious task and it is always a good deal to hire a company that specializes in delivering proficient services.

Customers who have used the hosting services of HostGator are satisfied and happy with their services. This is one of the major reasons why you will always find positive HostGAtor reviews all over the web. It is a highly recommended company for shared web hosting. Let us take a look at some exclusive features that the company offers.

  • 24*7 customer support via email, live chat and toll free number.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, improving page rank on search engines.
  • Fast loading screen and over 99.9% uptime record.
  • Powerful servers prevent any kind of search engine spider.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Offers free CDN setup and search engine optimization.
  • You will also get 45 days money back guarantee.

iPage – iPage has been popular because of its affordable web hosting services. Unlike other web hosting services in the market, iPage offers a wide range of benefits, such as free domain registration and transfer, free advertising credits for Google AdWords, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing. The company also offers a solid money back guarantee.

iPage offers many different features, including unlimited disk storage, unlimited webmail, unlimited addon domains, unlimited MySql databases, unlimited data transfers, one click installation, unlimited FTP accounts, free marketing credits and more.

Setting up an account with iPage is very easy. You can set up an account within minutes. As soon as you set up your account, you can start accessing the company’s services, and enjoy the benefits of a fast, well-designed website. When you’re looking for reliable, affordable and high quality web hosting services, iPage will be one of the best choices. You would not regret choosing iPage.

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