Unbiased Dotster reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Dotster review site is hosted. This is our own website hosted with their shared hosting plan. We have our own group of editors to check on various web hosting services and rating them accordingly. We are checking the overall service quality, test it and rate it fairly. This is a real web host review site with true facts and this is what webmaster need and should have. Unlike any other web hosting review sites online which only review their feature specification and not having any experience at all. We want to change this and provide real reviews instead. In here, we have all the detailed reviews and all the best coupons can be obtained in here too.

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Dotster review on company background. Is Dotster web hosting any good? Those who are looking at quality domain name provider would certainly have many reasons to have a closer look. Apart from domain name selection and registration it also offers various other services including web hosting and web designing and the best of email marketing and also various other online marketing solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and it has grown quite steadily over the past many years. It is an ICANN registered company. As per 2010 figures the company has around 1.10 million domain names and has a global market share of approximately 1%.

They are now offering cheap domain names registration service and  quality hosting plan at affordable price. They have added high performance VPS and web design services tool. This is truly the one-stop center for your website’s needs. We can start from nothing and start registering a new domain name and later host it here. If we need web design service, it is provided as an upgrade option too. We love their one-stop solution and we think it really works.

This is a 150% green web host and they use green server that is highly energy efficient, and they plant trees for their customers too. They have triple efforts to make sure their web hosting services is greener than the rest.

Dotster review on all products. The company offers a host of services and if the right review has to be done, the services provided should be listed down. Here are the major services that this company provides:

  • Shared Hosting.
  • Domain Registration.
  • VPS Hosting.
  • Website Design Services.
  • Data Center Management.
  • Customer Support Services.
  • Uptime Guarantee and Reliability.
  • Security Services Provided.
  • Guarantee and Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Let us try and look at each of them in some detail.

Dotster review on shared web hosting service. Those who have used the shared hosting services have reasons to be happy. The setup comes totally free and there are no risks of long term commitment. There are many packages and options to choose from keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. It also has some of the best easy-to-host plans, which enables the user to get started with the job without too much wastage of time. The hosting is done in an eco-friendly manner and they also can offer unlimited bandwidth plans with also unlimited disk space.

From time to time, they will add new products and services. And in here we are seeing this new instant website feature and it enable user to create and publish webpage instantly and within few minutes. From signup to online, is just a few steps away. For most webmasters, their shared hosting services are sufficient. Right now, they are having three shared service plans as following:

  • Basic plan from $3.75 per month and allows one website hosting.
  • Deluxe plan from $6.75 per month and allows unlimited domains hosting.
  • Ultra plan from $13.75 per month and come with premium support.


Dotster review on domain registration. There is no doubt that choosing and domain name and having it registered is the first few steps to making the website operational from all points of view. They have some of the most economical domain name registrations which could be as low as $10 per year. The services can be used not only for registering domains but also for transferring domains. They also have a very useful and intelligent domain name discovery tools. This will help customers to choose the exact domain name that they have in mind. They also offer the domain names and registration in different price packages.

Dotster review on VPS hosting. There are many reviews to prove that they have some of the best and top class VPS hosting facilities available with them. They have some of the best tailor made as well as readymade VPS hosting plans. They take into account the exact needs of the Web application developer, the business houses and of course the various web hosting resellers. They offer a dedicated server and also provide the opportunity to use shared accounts and this again is left to the specific needs and requirements of the customers.

  • Standard VPS with 512 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space, and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth. No control panel included.
  • Pro VPS with 1024 MB RAM, 40 GB disk space, 1500 GB data transfer per month. cPanel and WHM control panel is available.
  • Premium VPS with 2048 MB RAM, 60 GB storage space, 2000 GB monthly transfer. cPanel control panel with WHM is available.
  • All VPS plans support unlimited domains hosting and included with unlimited MySQL databases.

Dotster review on website design service. Over the years, there hardly is any doubt that they have been able to make its presence in the field of web designing. What makes them unique and different from others is the fact that they can offer customized as well as readymade web designs based on the requirements of the customers. There web designs start at attractive rates of around $50 per month. They have a team of dedicated web designers and they take it upon them to make the web live on the internet. They also provide quality contents that are very professionally written. The web designs are very SEO friendly and they also offer monthly maintenance options.

Dotster review on vDeck control panel. Their all new control panel is upgrading to vDeck software. Yes, it is now using vDeck and this is the only option available. User cannot choose to switch back to the previous Parallels platform. This vDeck is a more popular option and there are obviously more web hosts are switching over to this server software as it is more user-friendly, reliable and offering more features as well. We have experienced this here, and we love the new changes. This is just another supreme feature upgrade and we totally love it.


Previously, they are using parallels control panel for their web hosting package instead. There are advantages and disadvantages of using this parallels control panel for web hosting account. We have been using this older type of software for over one year and it is obviously lack of features. Even the most basic website management features are not included in here and it had caused some unwanted inconvenient. Basically what we can do and how we want to configure our site is totally limited by this platform and its limited tools. We are glad they are now switching and upgrading to the latest vDeck control panel.

control panel

The more popular Simplescripts apps installer is now available. We have experience using this Simplescripts in other web hosting plan that we own, for example IPage, Powweb and Fatcow. These are the top web hosts that provide this 1-click installer for free and we are looking at the same apps right here with Doster.com too.


Dotster review on data center management. The company, over the years has been able to come out with some of the most trusted and reliable data center. They certainly go a long way in provide the right platform and stable environment as far as the business of customers are concerned. It would be wrong to trust some unknown sources when it comes to managing data which is so very crucial. They have an independent dual power grid to ensure that there are no power outages. They cabinets and cages that are built to withstand seismic shocks. They also have the best of data backup facility and quality data storage systems.

Dotster review on customer support services. This is a company that believes in offering nothing but the best of customer services round the clock, 24/7. Towards this objective they have a 24/7 support team who can be contacted easily. They also have literally a wealth of knowledgebase articles which could be very helpful for solving problems and for trouble shooting. They also have fully explained and transparent terms of service that takes care of all legal questions and doubts that clients might have.

This is a company that believes in offering the best of uptime guarantees to its client. The track record so far has been excellent and the average uptime has never fallen below 99.97% though their endeavor is to ensure that it never goes below 100%. To enable this to happen they have the best of problem solving and trouble-shooting tools in hand, ably supported by the best of technical team.

Dotster review and overall user rating. Hence taking the above factors into account, there is no denying the fact this is a complete and total service provider as far as domain name identification, registration, hosting, and other such related services are concerned. If you are looking for a reliable service provider then this is the one you are looking for.

We have been hosting with them and using their budget shared service for so many years, and with these real experience in hand, we are able to rate this web host company accurately. We know their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and therefore we know what is their good and bad. In here, we are reviewing all the top web hosts and this host is rated with the same system. We have 15 rating criteria and checked on their every corners, simply to make sure we checked on everything. Either this web host company is good or suitable for your next website hosting needs is related to our following rating scores. We have given them a good rating of 9.0 out of 10.

user rating

Dotster reviews from customer testimonials. When it come of website hosting services, their customers are usually having a mixed kind of experiences. This is when we heard lots of good and bad about a web hosts. Here are some of the feedback and reviews from customers.

Dotster review from John. “I feel that Doster is a great host for any kind of businesses and you get the value for what you pay. I have been satisfied with the service I have got till now. They are also providing me the tools that I needed to use for succeeding in my business goals.”

Dotster review from Robb. “Though I have no major complaints about the Doster’s performance, but, I think they have got plenty of room for improvement as far as their customer service is concerned. Even though one of the Doster customer testimonial suggests that their customer support is “flawless”, but, in reality they are very slow with their response.”

Dotster review from Glenn. “They are budget friendly and provide reliable web hosting services. But, I am not happy with the customer service, as they are hard to reach out and have not really proved efficient in fixing the issues.”

Dotster revew from Richard. “I find Doster to be a great web host provider, that provides high quality service and is very user friendly. It has integrated domain registration and has lots of disc space. Thus, it can prove to be very beneficial for any kind of business.”

Dotster review from Trevor. “Doster is quite a cool and flexible web host. I am a beginner and find it very user friendly. I can easily use their features in the Control Panel. I am also using their domain registration integration service and I think it is very convenient. It allows you to host and purchase domain names, all at one place.”

Dotster review from Albert. “I find Doster to be a perfect host specially for both small and large scale businesses. I feel I can completely rely on Doster, for providing me with the necessary tools, which will help my website to thrive and reach my goals. The uptime is great and maintain data backups and they make sure that their service is flawless.”

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Dotster review and coupon by Jose Watson

Established in 2000, Dotster is one among the top domain name registrars in the world with over 1 million domains under its management and servicing thousands of customers across the world. With this provider, you can expect amazing services and pocket friendly plans. Whether you want to setup a simple website at a low price or an ecommerce website with lots of bandwidth and space, Dotster has you covered. Here is an in-depth Dotster review.


The company offers a number of services including, shared hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, data center management, and website design services. Shared hosting is totally free and you don’t have to make a long term commitment. Their domain names are economical compare to their competitors. That’s not all! They have some of the best tailor made VPS hosting plans.


Currently they have three shared service hosting namely Linux$3.75/mo, Deluxe $6.75/mo and Ultra$13.75/mo. In addition, the service offers $100 Goggle Ad words, $50 Facebook Advertising and $25 Bing/Yahoo search marketing credits. Check out all the prices by visiting their website. You will be able to pick a package that’s best suited for you.


They have three plans for customers looking for VPS hosting services. Each plan provides Linux-based hosting and comes with limitless MySQL databases and mailboxes. The Standard VPS plan comes with 20 GB disk space, 512 MB RAM, and 1000 GB bandwidth every month. The Pro plan comes with 1024 MB RAM, 40 GB disk space and 1500 GB monthly bandwidth. The Premium plan is available with 60 GB disk space, 2048 MD dedicated RAM, and 2000 GB bandwidth each month.

Dotster Coupons and Discounts

Dotster runs promotions quite frequently. Their promo codes are readily available at any of the coupon websites. Most of their coupons are short term, so check frequently to get the new ones. Also, you can keep up-to-date on their coupon codes and discounts by following their social media accounts. This way, you become eligible for discounts and coupon codes not offered anywhere else.

Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is very crucial concepts as they embody the quality of any company. Till date, there hasn’t been many reviews from validated customers. The company has only gained 50% satisfaction rate. Most validated customers say that they love the fact that the company keeps them updated on maintenance and their searchable knowledgebase is extensive.


Dotster comes with everything you expect from a hosting company. There plans are affordable and are available with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, as well as subdomains. This is great for small and large businesses. They designed everything, based on the flexibility of their customers. Dotster is one of the few providers that offer commission for domain sale. In addition, they are very supportive of their clients.

Control Panel

Dotster employs a simple cPanel that allows users easily find the information they are searching for. The provider has video tutorials to help you in such activities as adding domain privacy or adding a domain name to your account. If you have used control panel before, you will be able to use theirs without any problem.

Uptime Guarantee

Dotster is one of the few providers that carry out frequent network and data activities to make sure their service remain stable and reliable. Its servers are located in a secure data centre which makes use of HVAC as well as fully redundant power systems. There are no guarantees about uptime on their website, nor is there any published uptime stat at the moment.

Ecommerce Features

If you are planning on setting up an eCommerce site, Dotster has you covered. The unlimited bandwidth, disk pace, $50 Facebook Advertising, $100 Goggle Ad words, and $25 Bing/Yahoo search marketing credits is enough evidence that it is ideal for building a functional an ecommerce website. There are also the latest email marketing solutions to help users grow their business.

Domain Registration

Dotster is better known as a domain registrar. The company has over 1 million domain holdings under its management to date. Their domain privacy is one of the best in the industry and domain transfer is pretty simple. While they offer a 10 day money back guarantee, the refund doesn’t include domain registration fees as well as the fee of other add-on services.


Dotster’s services are fairly standard and offer below-par innovation when compared to other providers. This may discourage users that are looking to switch to advanced web hosting providers, but individuals with basic needs might not be too apprehensive.

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Dotster review and coupon by Sam Keston

Dotster web hosting company is located in Washington D.C, USA and its best known for domain registration services. The company was founded in the year 2000 and up to date it has more than 3 million domain names registered under its management. They mainly focuse on providing quality services and products to a wide range of clients all over the world. Some of the services offered by them include web hosting, domain registration, web design, online marketing and private internet security solutions. Although, they serve large corporations, most of their clients are small to medium sized businesses. The following Dotster review will reveal to you the pros and cons, pricing, reliability and all features offered by the web hosting company.

Web Hosting Services.

They offer three web hosting plans that includes basic, deluxe, and ultimate. The basic shared hosting plan allows users to only host one website with up to 100-email accounts, 10 MySQL database and 5 FTP logins. This web hosting plan also comes with a limitation of 10GB hard disk space and a 20GB bandwidth. The deluxe web hosting plan allows users to host unlimited number of domain names, enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, create up to 250 email accounts, 25 MySQL databases and 25 FTP logins. The ultra or ultimate hosting plan lifts all the limits set on deluxe and basic hosting plans. With ultimate hosting plan, users can host unlimited domains, create unlimited email accounts and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Beside these three hosting plans, large business organizations and companies that require specialized hosting can go for the VPS plans. The web hosting company offer three VPS plans: standard VPS, Pro VPS and Premium VPS. The standard VPS plan offers 20 GB disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth and 512 MB dedicated RAM. The Pro VPS plan increases the disk space to 1024 MB, 1500GB monthly bandwidth and 1024 dedicated RAM. The Premium plan is the best VPS plan they offer and it features 2048 MB dedicated RAM, 60GB disk space and a 2000GB monthly bandwidth.

Domain Registration Services.

They allow customer to easily register, renew and transfer domain names through their platform. It has domain management Sync system that allows you to automatically renew your domain name and prevent it from expiring where it can be purchased in the open market by other webmasters. They also offer DNS management services, URL forwarding and email management services. If you only interested in domain services, you can purchase a domain of your preffered extentions between .info, .net. .co, .com, .org, .club, .school, .restaurant, .me and many more others

Dotster Control Panel.

Users who subscribe or purchase to their VPS plans get a Cpanel/WHM to control their administration needs. Customers that subscribe for other plans are given a custom panel that is less advanced than that of a VPS plan. The custom panel resembles most web hosting cpanels and users can easily navigate through it without experiencing any difficulties. For new webmasters that are not familiar with how Cpanels works, they provide a useful video and tutorial on how to use its Control panel.

Customer Support.

Just like other web hosting companies, Dotster offers 24/7 customer support. Customers experiencing problems can raise a ticket through mail or call US based helpline number that is active 24/7. The customer that would like personalized support can purchase a premium support package on their basic web hosting plans. The premium personalized supports guarantees maximum support, a toll free helpline number and a faster response on tickets.

Dotster Customer Reviews.

Most customers that subscribes or purchases any of their service do not experience any challenges with them. There are many happy customers that have extremely recommended and written good Dotster reviews based on the quality services they have received from the company. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company, this is the right option to opt. The company offers affordable web hosting plans and unbeatable server up-time.

Dotster Coupons and Discounts.

They offer reasonable discounts to customers who purchases any of their web hosting plan. Dotster coupons are available in the website homepage and can be used to redeem hosting offers provided by the company. When you use Dotster coupons codes you will get $2 off on all your three year or two years monthly subscription. This means that you can easily save $24 or $36 on your hosting. The actual hosting price for basic plan is $5.75 per month, when you use these coupon you will get a discount of $2 off and therefore pay $3.75 monthly subscription.

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Dotster review and coupon by Brad Smith

Dotster is one of the those emerging hosting platforms that have managed to break new ground on the market by coming with something totally new and unique. Established back in 2000, Dotster.com has been serving thousands of users worldwide on both Windows and Linux.

Dotster has a wide variety of services that cater to multiple categories of users. Their fast and reliable hosting has been proven to be the best solution to the needs of Linux and Windows users. Here are their plans:

Linux web hosting

They have three main plans for Linux users. All plans offer Unlimited Disk space and have scalable bandwidth.

  • Basic: $3.75/mo for one, two or three years. This plan contains only one hosting domain, 100 email addresses, 5 FTP logins, 10 MySQL Databases and 1 GB Cloud Storage.
  • Deluxe: $6.75 a month for one, two or three years: unlimited domains, 250 email addresses, 25 FPT logins, 25 MySQL databases.
  • Ultra: at $13.75/month, you get unlimited everything and premium support.

If you have Linux and you want to choose one of these plans, take advantage of the Dotster coupon FREEDOM15 to enjoy a limited one-time offer. This coupon is available just one time for new users.

Windows web hosting

Windows users can capitalize on free domain names using the FREEDOM15 coupon. They also get unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Here are the main three Windows plans from Dotster:

  • Basic: $4.75/mo: offers the same features as the basic plan for Linux.
  • Deluxe: at $7.75, this plan has the same features as the Deluxe plan for Linux users.
  • Ultra: $14.75. You have unlimited everything, except MySQL databases. You only get 50 of these.

VPS Hosting

Only Dotster offers world-class VPS hosting tailored to your unique needs. If you need a dedicated server, here are your options:

  • Standard: at $29.70/mo you have 520 RAM, 20 GB of disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth and unlimited mailboxes, MySQL databases and domains.
  • Pro: if you are willing to pay $41.60/mo, you get all of the above, plus 520 RAM, 20 GB disk space and 500 GM bandwidth. That’s a total of 1024 MB RAM, 40 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth. You also get cPanel/WHM, a feature unavailable in the Standard mode.
  • Premium: for $67.95/mo you have 2048 MB dedicated RAM, 60 GB disk space, 2000 GB bandwidth and everything else unlimited.

Service Uptime

Just like any other top hosting company on the market, Dotster prides itself with an almost perfect 99.99% uptime. However, unlike other companies’ claims which can’t be verified, Dotster has an independent dual-power grid combined with high-tech HVAC devices to keep the servers working 24/7. Dotster makes the most out of the green technology by using eco-friendly servers. In other words, most of their servers are powered by renewable energy.


Dotster has a plethora of features that could come in handy to any webmaster or affiliate marketer who want to build their own websites or blogs, either for profit or just for making a name for themselves in a certain industry or niche. With Dotster, you can create a website almost instantly. The Drag and Drop Builder is excellent for building your site from scratch. You can personalize your own site in less than 15 minutes and then publish it in an instant.

Dotster also offers on their site various Simple Scripts apps such as Drupal, WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, WikkaWiki or Cubecart. You can also use their phpBB open source bulletin or phpFreeChat multi-room chat system.

In addition to the hosting plans and these features, Dotster offers a plethora of business solutions such as SEO marketing, business hosting, local site marketing and email marketing. They also offer custom web-design and eCommerce. If you want to start selling your products online or you want to become a successful affiliate, click here and leverage Dotster’s potential: http://www.dotster.com/dotster/design/ecommerce.bml.

Customer Service

Dotster can either be contacted via their live chat, by telephone or by email. Their friendly customer support team is available 24/7 for you.


Dotster, even though not as famous as Bluehost, Hostgator or iPage, has definitely made a name for itself in this competitive industry. Offering premium plans for both Linux and Windows users, Dotster is a good choice if you are looking for a stable, green hosting provider. Do not forget to use the Dotster coupon FREEDOM15 and save huge on your first purchase.

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Dotster review and coupon by Elias Kim

Dotster is an American based company that specializes in providing web hosting services with its headquarters located in Washington. It was founded in 2000. It claims to manage over 12 million domain names. It is owned by Endurance International Group which owns other web hosting companies such as PureHost, BlueHost and SuperGreen Hosting.

Product and Price Review

The company is best suited for providing hosting services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). They offer 3 different shared hosting plans for both Windows and Linux platforms. The 3 offers (Linux) are listed as follows:

  • Basic: $3.75 monthly.
  • Deluxe: $6.75 monthly.
  • Ultra: $13.75 monthly.

For Windows hosting, an extra $1 is added to each plan. Unfortunately, for a client to enjoy unlimited restrictions for MySQL databases, FTP logins and email addresses, they would have to opt for the “Ultra” plan. A bonus associated with the above plans is the provision of free CLOUD storage (1 GB) and “Drag & Drop Site Builder”. They have a “Gmail for work” offer that offers clients with the privilege of customizing Gmail and related Google apps for businesses.

For VPS hosting, they also offer 3 plans listed below:

  • Standard: $29.70 monthly.
  • Pro: $41.60 monthly.
  • Premium: $67.95 monthly.

Dotster Coupons

They are currently offering a 1 year “FREEDOM FIFTEEN” coupon whose expiry is on 30/09/2015 at midnight (Standard US Pacific time). It is only valid with the purchase of any VPS or shared hosting plan and is limited to only to: .us, .org, .info, .biz, .net and .com registration orders. Unfortunately, the coupon is not valid for any currently existing services and domains.

Downtime/Uptime Guarantees

Their services are reliable and stable because they carry out frequent network and data backup activities. Their servers are located in a secure location which is installed with the best power back up systems (including “Mobily-Tier-4-Malga” and “Riyadh”) that offers 99.9% uptime.

Ecommerce Feature

The company offers an affiliate program which allows clients to earn extra money for every successful referral. User can earn $100 for web hosting signup. And 30% commission for domain sales. Other special offers that can allow clients to grow and diversify their businesses are:

  • Special Packages for Business Hosting.
    Free domains included for any VPS package bought.
  • Marketing via Email.
    Provision of the latest web-based email marketing solutions and technologies meant to help clients expand their businesses through optimized customer communication.
  • Marketing via SEO.
    Clients can attract new customers for their businesses by using the company’s SEO technology.
  • Promotion of local sites.
    Provision of services that will enable clients to effectively reach out to internet users in their areas at affordable rates.

Dotster Control Panel

Clients who purchase a VPS plan have the advantage of being provided with a user friendly “CPanel”. For clients using the general hosting plans, they are provided with a custom control panel which requires a bit of time in order for users to get acquainted with its operations. Its not difficult, just a little effort will do.

Domain Registration

This is what the company is renowned for. It provides excellent domain privacy and transfer services at affordable rates ($8.99 and $8.29 annually). There are also free services available for clients including: DNS management, URL and Email forwarding.


Technical support is available 24/7 provided through a toll-free number for US customers only. It is reliable as it is backed by a group of highly qualified, well trained and experienced staff. They also recently introduced a “live chat” for offering technical support. It also provides technical support inform of a browse-enabled knowledge database and an online user guide.

Customer Reviews

There are few validated customers who have offered reviews for the company which is not good news. Customer satisfaction rates vary from 50-60%.


Dotster is recommended for small enterprises due to the fact that it offers standard services and does not stand out when compared to other companies. Its affiliate program and cheap services are good for small businesses and it is among the few companies that offer commission on domain sales. For larger enterprises, it is recommended to use other companies owned by Endurance International Group such as “BlueHost”. However, the main point still remains on what kind of services you are in search. You have to pick a package that is affordable and practical otherwise you might end up paying more than you initially expected. Even though you can search for various customer reviews, its also good that you try the product out for yourself. That is the only way to be sure if it works for you.

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